Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Little Cupcake Receiving Blanket

So, I had fun at the fabric store and I found this super cute Moda cupcake fabric and vintage frilly trim and decided to make a receiving blanket out of it!


- 1 yard Moda "confections" fabric
- 1 yard white cotton fabric for backing, or flannel if it's winter time.
- 5 yards ruffle trim in yellow (or whatever color/trim you like. Rick rack works well too.
- matching thread. I used pink.


Wash and iron your fabric

Then, with pattern side up, pin ruffle trim around edge.

Then lay your one yard of white fabric over it and pin as well. On machine, sew along edge being mindful of where the ruffle is. Go slow and leave a five inch opening to turn out.

After all edges are sewn, turn out your blanket. Iron all edges so we can gem them for a finished look. Hem on machine about an 1/8" from outer edge. Begin by closing the five inch opening and continue around.

At last you're done! Your little cupcake is going to look so cute!!

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