Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sew Your Own Boppy

So, considering the boppy has become as much of a mother accessory as the baby itself, I decided I liked the idea of a custom boppy much better.


Large (huge!) Piece of Paper - Poster Board Works

1.5 Yards of Fabric

Sewing Machine

Matching Thread

PolyFil - Washable kind!

Flexible Measuring Tape


You want to make the Boppy fit your tummy. This is the other benefit of making your own! We're all different sizes, let's face it, not all Boppies fit all bodies!

1: Fold your paper in half so that we can make a symmetrical pattern.

2: Measure your tummy with the tape, or make a circle with the measuring tape guessing what your stomach width was before (if you're now pregnant).

3: Loosely mimicking the circle you made with the measuring tape, lay it on the paper. Using the best free-hand you can muster, draw a half circle in the middle of the paper, well inside the wiggly tape as seen below with the red dotted line...

4: Now, this is why you want a big piece of paper. The width of your Boppy depends on how wide you want. If you will be using it for breast feeding, and have large breasts, make it very wide (10-12 inches or more). Smaller breasts you don't have to go crazy, but it's still nice to have lots of room for baby as it grows!

5: Now freehand a good outer circle, then round out one end.

6: Cut out your 'C' shape and this is what you've got!

 From here out it's pretty easy

Folding your fabric in half so the patterned side is facing against each other and the pattern fits, pin the patterns to both layers of fabric and trace, or go straight to cutting.

Once the fabric is cut out, remove the pattern (AND SAVE!! You can use this same pattern to make washable covers, simply add a zipper!)

Keep the two pieces of fabric pinned, backside of fabric facing out. Sew around the edges, leaving about a quarter of an inch.

Leave a hole so you can turn it right-side out and stuff, then hand stitch your pillow closed!

Viola! Now you can make a gaggle of them!

Bopperific, and machine washable... <3

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  1. Hands down, the boppy was my MOST used thing... ever. Having one in the room and living room was ideal :) Make sure for the ones you make, they are super firm and make a cover. It's a lot easier to wash that, than the whole thing.