Friday, February 25, 2011

The Weekend Project Ahead... Plush Toy Kitty!

I love my kitties, or as some call them, FUR-BABIES! As a first time mom I am looking forward to lots of home-made goodies for my soon to be spoiled little baby, and this will be one of them! I'm going to get started this weekend. I've never made a plush toy before (and yes, I am not going to make it with buttons. I don't need my baby to choke!) and I will be purchasing twice the fabric (because I will undoubtedly mess up at least once) but since I'm snowed in, it will give me something relaxing to do!

I'll post all about the experience when I'm done, and where you too can find the free pattern and make one for yourself!

Pointy Kitty
By Hilary Lang
A Wee Wonderfuls Pattern


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